sobota, 27 listopada 2010

Pillowhead from Will Goodan on Vimeo.

przyszłam żeby się paść
przyszłam żeby zgarniać

connie chiu

.jedyna modelka albinoska, ja jestem zachwycona
Le sens propre from CISMA on Vimeo.
CHOP CUP from :weareom: on Vimeo.
god's machine. from azusa on Vimeo.
Frankenfashion from Alex Turvey on Vimeo.
Written & Directed by Alex Turvey!/pages/Alex-Turvey-Director/116777675034785

Exclusively commissioned by Dazed & Confused and featured as part of onedotzero and Dazed's Fashion in Film program at the BFI, Frankenfashion is being screened alongside the works of Chris Cunningham, Solve Sundsbo & Saam Farahmand. In his contribution, Turvey takes inspiration from the mythical Dr Frankenstein who took parts from different bodies to make a new being. Here, a macabre sequence of events sees fashion follow suit, leading to a surreal and transformational climax.

Featuring Wigs and Hair by the Sensational Charlie Le Mindu, Props by MADE and clothes by Nathan Jenden, Rupert Sanderson, Hannah Marshall, Louise Goldin & Manjit Deu.

Music by Blanck Mass.

Frankenfashion is currently touring worldwide with onedotzero as part of the Dazed - Fashion in Film.

Master Grade: Simone Grattarola @ Rushes
Resolve one light grade: Ricky Gausis @ MPC






Bathtub IV from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

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